Why let your shoppers shop alone?
Let your customers get what they need and want, together. When they buy together, they save together. They’ll love you for it. And you’ll have multiple customers for life.
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We LOVE this app! I recommend this app to EVERYONE. Group buying is the new trend and will just continue to grow.
Our Solutions
Group Buy
Shoppers buy together, they save together all while you get more customers for less. Say hello to your new favorite marketing channel!
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Your customer, their network. PowerBuy Connect enables the fun and engagement of social media around your products. Personalized wish lists make sharing & buying easy.
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AI Recommendation & Notifications
Delight your shopper with products they’ll love. Our patented AI brings in data points from all the customer’s actions across the web, not just your site.
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Product Pricing Intelligence
See what others are charging for the same products. Knowledge is power. Create & execute pricing strategies & initiatives with real-time accurate data.
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