How To Save Money On Your Christmas Shopping

There’s a ton of ways to save money on presents this year. The holidays can be a very expensive time, so here are some tips we’ve compiled for you:


Do-It-Yourself Gifts

Craft gifts at home – use what you have around the house or buy in bulk to make gifts you can individualize.

Shop Early to find Sales

Shopping year-round and on big sales days like Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday makes saving money much more likely

Experience Gifts

Get someone the gift of an experience with you, like a hike, a date, or a trip somewhere local that they’ve always wanted to go. (IOU cards for them to cash in go a long way here!)

Holiday Gift Exchange (Or “Secret Santa”)

Doing a gift exchange is a great way to eliminate extra expenses. You only have to buy a gift for one person, and every person in the gift exchange gets a present. Presto!

Gift Cards: Buy Discounted, In-Bulk, or with Promotions

Buying discounted gift cards or ones offered in bulk can save you money on gifts overall, especially if they come with promotions.



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