Self Distancing is the new Self-Care

Being in social quarantine can be really challenging, especially for those who derive their energy from contact with people. It’s important to find things to do that fulfill you in this time of physical solitude, we coalesced some ideas below to help get you started.

  1. Catch up on your streaming queue
    • Now’s the time to get all caught up on your favorite shows
  2. Video chat with friends
    • Make sure to connect withy our loved ones – we’re alone, together. Keep up with your networks and check in on each other.
  3. Read
    • Crack open the latest bestseller or that volume you’ve been procrastinating on starting.
  4. Work out
    • Keeping your body healthy will help keep your mind healthy. Get outside in the fresh air and grab some rays if you can. Wear sunscreen if you need it.
  5. Learn an instrument
    • Always had an instrument you wanted to master? Now is the time!
  6. Crafting and DIY projects
    • Creating crafts can be therapeutic and also creative. You can also start on home decor and renovation projects that took a backseat to other priorities.
  7. Gardening
    • Start your own garden! Have some herbs you use a lot and are tired of buying them from the store? Grow your own!
  8. Baking and Cooking
    • Nail your family’s secret recipe or perfect your own. Treat yourself!
  9. Meditation
    • Make sure to take time for you – clear your head, practice your breathing, and get in touch with yourself.
  10. Audiobooks and Podcasts
    • Begin an audiobook or podcast you love – these are great for when you get outside to exercise.
  11. Begin writing
    • Poetry, novels, songs, etc – Attempt the Great American Novel you’ve always wanted to write – especially during November which is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).
  12. Learn a language
    • Always wished you hadn’t let your high school Spanish slip? Brush up on your chosen language using tools like Duolingo!
  13. Master some board games
    • Yahtzee! Become the one to dominate the board at your favorite game.

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PowerBuy joins forces with clean beauty brand 100% Pure

The holidays can be a stressful time for everyone, and with stress comes breakouts, rashes, allergy flare-ups, and other skin irritations. Naturally, we look for ways to treat these reactions, but often, our efforts are reactive and not proactive.

The key is prevention.   

Not all chemicals are bad – everything is a chemical in one way or another. However, there are some chemicals that do much more damage than others, and there is little oversight for the cosmetics industry to enforce the usage of less harmful, non-toxic alternatives. 

Jargon like “natural” and “organic” have loose, ambiguous definitions or no definition at all under the FDA regulations, so many products with these labels on the market aren’t guaranteed to be good for you. They can include all kinds of toxic chemicals shown to increase health risks – just for companies to make a quick buck.

However, PowerBuy has found the solution, in partnering with 100% Pure, we found REAL clean beauty. Take out all those controversial chemicals and try one out our partners cosmetically safe products. If your skin is sensitive to essential oils and fragrance, 100% Pure provides fragrance-free options like the Creamy Long Last Liner in the bundle below.

With 100% Pure’s bundle on PowerBuy for $74.99 (valued at $124), you’ll get:

  • Fruit Pigmented® Blush: Mimosa: $38.00 ( made from finely pressed rice powder and antioxidant-rich fruit pigments) 
  • Fruit Pigmented® Lip Gloss: Pink Caramel: $22.00 (made with restorative vitamin E and real fruit pigments.)
  • Creamy Long Last Liner: Blackest: $26.00 (Fragrance free and made with jojoba oil.)
  • Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer: Cocoa Kissed: $38.00 ( vitamin-rich fruit and cocoa pigments, laced with luminescent gems and minerals)

We’re proud to support 100% Pure and their products, they are serious about the way they source its ingredients, too, using a strict methodology to determine and confirm that its products contain no synthetic ingredients. Every single 100% Pure product is guaranteed pure, naturally pigmented, cruelty free, and ethically sourced. 

Nourish your skin and keep your conscience blemish-free! Be good to yourself, good to others, good to animals, and good to the planet.

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