PowerBuy Checkout
Advanced Features
Our patented social checkout experience has been purposely designed to drive more orders and new customers. See all the advanced features & free add-ons you can have with PowerBuy Checkout.
Multi-SKU Technology
PowerBuy Checkout is built with our Patented Multi-SKU. Multi-SKU Technology helps shoppers be able to choose the item, style, and size they prefer. This helps our brands see higher conversion, plus Multi-SKU Technology gives brands the flexibility to choose the items that are eligible for PowerBuys.
Gamification Timer
The Gamification Timer is a crucial feature of the PowerBuy Checkout experience. It shows the shoppers how much time they have to add items to the PowerBuy until the deal resets. The brand itself chooses the timeframe (most choose 24 hours). The timer ultimately, increases items sold by day & increases conversion through a sense of urgency.
AI Notifications
Our most powerful add-on feature is AI Notifications. Our AI engine tracks shopper browsing behavior and confidently suggests 1 specific item on the page that follows the shopper as they scroll through your site. This feature has given brands 29% more orders on average. This add-on feature comes free with PowerBuy Checkout.
AI Recommendations
Many AI Recommendation Apps have a cost, but with PowerBuy Checkout you get it for free! This powerful technology uses the latest Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning techniques to encourage your shopper to buy more while having a personalized experience.
Optimized Unsuccessful PowerBuys

We always get the question, “What happens if the PowerBuy is unsuccessful?” This can happen if the shoppers don’t mean the first tier of the minimum quantity. However, when this happens we have automated emails that go out to the shopper(s) that ask the shopper if they would like to:

  • Buy the item(s) at the full price
  • Restart the PowerBuy and share the deal with their friends

Brands love this, as it encourages orders & more new shoppers. We’ve built a system that constantly is driving brands more orders & new customers while delivering less cart abandonment.