Shopper Experience
See how PowerBuy Checkout works & why shoppers love it.
Product Page
The Button

The PowerBuy Checkout button sits right under the Add To Cart button. Our button will entice shoppers by showing them the available discount price.

Shoppers are more likely to tap on the PowerBuy Checkout button because they want the lower price.

Social Cart
Status Bar
When the shopper enters the PowerBuy, they see that they can receive a discount if more items are bought from the status bar at the top.
The Timer

The PowerBuy has a countdown associated with it. All shoppers who join the PowerBuy within the time limit are helping each other increase the total amount of items, thus working together to reach higher discounts.

Once a PowerBuy ends, then it will automatically restart.

PowerBuy's patented Multi-Sku Technology allows shoppers to add exactly what they want regardless of SKU. This ensures that the shoppers can have a good experience within the PowerBuy by adding the item they like the best. Which in turn, helps the brand see a higher conversion.
Payment Page

Provides options for Shoppers to either process the order if the minimum quantity of the PowerBuy has already been met or wait to see if the next discount tier is reached to save more.

Gets a larger group buy discount by waiting and inviting more friends to join.

Confirmation Page

Provides shoppers a personalized share page where they can invite their friends and have them see the products that they had purchased or expressed interest in.

Encourages shoppers to share their group buys with friends via social media and attract more Shoppers to ensure that the group minimum is met.