About Us

Social Commerce as a Service (Group Buying w/ gamification) PowerBuy is the leading social commerce venture that has both a B2C (massgenie.com) and B2B (PowerBuy on Shopify) ecosystem in the US.

Our PowerBuy concept combines the concept of social sharing and social shopping to not only drive awareness and traffic to their own eCommerce site but also provides a clear path to conversion.

Fueled by artificial intelligence and automation features, PowerBuy is highly customizable and easy to utilize for the Merchant while their customers can receive a lower price for a product by simply sharing their purchase with their social networks.

With PowerBuy, one shopper can socially share their deal, which can lead to multiple purchases or "group buys" all stemming from that single shopper. In return, Merchants are able to leverage their Shoppers to become the marketing vehicles for them to drive organic traffic and conversions to their store. PowerBuy enables Merchants to save on SEM and PPC, all while increasing their brand awareness.

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To enter PowerBuy demo store, please enter 1 as the password.